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English 106 Camarota Response to “Darkon” documentary Ah, the fierce and magical world of Darkon! Here we saw the mighty Bannor of Laconia fall to the all-powerful Keldar of Mordom after failing to capture the Citadel of Peace. We saw a game, a fantasy world, and perhaps some mild cases of insanity. Most importantly, though, we saw a highly organized and intricate subculture. Not only is the game itself a subculture for the “characters” who inhabit it, but it is also a subculture for the human beings who go about their normal, everyday lives waiting for the weekend of battle to arrive. For this assignment, write a 1-2 page response that discusses the features of Darkon that make it a subculture. Consider some of the following elements. You may address any or all of them, or
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Unformatted text preview: other elements relevant to the discussion: The rules and nature of the game The blurring between the lines of fantasy and reality The individuals profiled (remember Danny, the guy whod never had a relationship in his life until Darkon?) The psychology of fantasy gaming and the message that the documentary may have tried to present. Id also like to see your personal, visceral response to this documentary. How did you feel watching it? Did you feel ridicule for the players, fascination, embarrassment, admiration, or something else entirely? Why? Due: Monday, February 21 st...
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