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Major Paper #3

Major Paper #3 - English 106 Camarota Major Writing...

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English 106 Camarota Major Writing Assignment #3: Purdue Problems For your final paper, you will put into practice all the rhetorical strategies we have studied up to this point in the semester and write your own convincing, persuasive argument. Specifically, you are to select a topic or a problem that affects you as a college student here at Purdue University. Such a topic could be as controversial as student access to contraceptives, or as politically neutral (but also important) as the safety of bicycles on campus. Choose a topic that is meaningful to you and use sources to clearly define the problem related to it. Once you have established the problem and shown that there is a need for action, propose a solution to the problem and, using sources, argue rhetorically for that solution. So, for example: if you decide that lack of parking is a problem here at Purdue, you might gather information about the limited availability of parking spaces and argue how that creates a barrier to learning. You could also argue that reasonable access to campus should be part of your tution.
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