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Writer 1 Imma Writer Instructor Camarota English 106 9 February 2011 A Slick Title for a Rhetorical Analysis Essay In “We Are Free to Be You, Me, Stupid, and Dead,” Roger Rosenblatt creates a very effective argument in favor of free speech. With a catchy tone to the writing, one that is both articulate and humorously cynical, he persuades his audience that free speech, or rather the none censorship of expression, is a fundamentally American ideal, and one that should be protected and cherished. Rosenblatt’s chief rhetorical weapon is his wit, which is biting at times, even demeaning, but it is his ability to focus that wit on a consistent target that eventually wins over his audience. The article is organized using anecdotes from Rosenblatt’s experience as a career journalist and writer. He methodically brings up many situations from America’s past and offers a humorous critique on the incident to peel back the layers of his argument. Though his rhetorical appeals are mainly focused on pathos, he incorporates instances of ethos and logos in order to bolster his argument. Using effective rhetoric and a critically humorous tone, Rosenblatt appeals to a broad audience and effectively reduces the opponents of free speech to a group of
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rhetorical analysis example0. - Writer 1 Imma Writer...

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