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expert to novice paper-Sample - Hi friends I decided to...

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Hi friends, I decided to post this as an example of an Expert to Novice paper. Be mindful of the fact that it is not a perfect example by any means. The first suggestion I would make is that this author visit the writing lab! While the author did a nice job creating topic sentences at the beginning of sections, and at times used nice transition statements, overall the paper is lacking a solid structure and a good organizational pattern. The topic is pretty broad and I would have liked to see this person select one topic within stem cell research and then go from there (e.g., cloning). I think that would have better set him/her up for an explanatory paper. Let me know if you have questions about this. I don’t remember what the grade was on this but I’m thinking it was a B or C. Thanks. --Courtney Stem Cell Research Ever wonder if at any time that you have a matter of days, weeks, or months to live? Every human being has a chance of getting a life altering disease such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, or Parkinson’s disease, but with stem cell research, and the potential it has, being told that you that you have one of those diseases could be as simple as telling someone they have a sinus infection or the flu. A person must know what stem cell research is exactly before going in depth with this topic due to the simple fact that without a thorough background of what stem cell research is, a person may not fully understand what cloning is or how the stem cells could potentially be used as a cure for a particular disease. Once a person understands what stem cell research is they will be able to understand how beneficial stem cell research will be to future generations. Controversy is a very big issue that arises when discussing stem cell research due to the fact of where stem cells come from and how they are used. Stem cell research is a very interesting but controversial topic, in which a lot of background information must be known before jumping directly into a discussion about cloning or harvesting embryonic stem cells. When discussing stem cell research people don’t understand what stem cell research is. Most people think they have an idea from what is shown on the news or in online articles, but to fully understand what stem cell research is, you must know what happens from beginning to end.
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Stem cell research isn’t a complicated topic once you know exactly what it is, but until you do, the idea is completely foreign. We ask two main questions at this point, what are stem cells and why are they important (National Institute of Health[NIH], 2008)? Those two questions will be discussed in the following paragraphs. The Basics of Stem Cell Research Stem cells have two fundamental properties that set them apart from other cells. Stem cells are unspecialized cells that have the ability to restore themselves of long periods of time through cell division. This means that stem cells can divided over and over until enough cells have been reproduced to repair damage that has done such as a burn or damage done to the heart. In addition stem cells can be manipulated under physiological and/or experimental conditions to
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expert to novice paper-Sample - Hi friends I decided to...

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