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Expert to Novice Peer Reviewer Comments

Expert to Novice Peer Reviewer Comments - Based on the main...

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Expert to Novice Peer Reviewer Comments 1) Is the topic interesting to audience? If the answer is no, how can your partner make the topic more interesting and relevant? 2) Is the thesis statement well written? (clear and easy to follow?) After reading the main points, evaluate how well the thesis statement and main points tie together. Suggestions: 3) Evaluate the three main points. Are they mutually exclusive yet related to each other?
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Unformatted text preview: Based on the main points, what organizational format is the writer using? 4) Evaluate the main points in Section II. Are they well organized? Is the evidence appropriate? Do the sub points support the main point? Are the main point missing anything? 5) Evaluate the in-text citations. Are they clear? Do they vary in form? If any need to be rewritten, provide suggestions here or on his or her paper. 6) Other comments:...
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