Extra Credit Opportunity - Science on Tap

Extra Credit Opportunity - Science on Tap - members? 4) How...

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Extra Credit Opportunity #2 Only for those 21 and older! Please attend a “Science on Tap” presentation…information below: http://www.facebook.com/scienceontaplafayette Answer the following questions; please type your response to receive the 10 full extra credit points: 1) Who was the speaker for this event and what topic did they cover? 2) Who were the audience members? 3) Did the speaker cover the information in a way that was accessible to all audience
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Unformatted text preview: members? 4) How did the speaker ensure that the information they presented was clear to all audience members? 5) What techniques did the speaker use to help explain complex information? 6) Overall, were you able to understand the material that was presented? 7) Did you enjoy the presentation/talk and explain why or why not?...
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