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Mythbusters Assignment - on Monday August 29 th Also be...

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Mythbusters Assignment Worth 15 Participation Points You must complete the written AND presentation portion of the assignment to earn the 15 points, no partial credit will be given. In class you drew a ‘myth’ from the envelope. This weekend it is your job to research whether this myth is true or false. You will be held responsible for ultimately claiming whether this myth is true or false in a brief presentation in front of your peers. You must provide justification for your claim. Please TYPE and print out your answer (about one paragraph long) to turn in to your TA in class
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Unformatted text preview: on Monday August 29 th . Also, be ready to briefly present your answer to the class on Monday August 29 th . Your typed answer and the presentation should provide more than just a true or false answer; you should provide your audience with the rationale behind your answer as well. In other words, is there a reason people commonly believe this myth to be true? Can you find out anything about the background of the myth? If the myth is true can you tell us a bit more about the context of the myth? If it is false, is there a better answer out there?...
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