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Persuasive Speech Self-Critique Name:_________________ Due: Hard Copy turned in to instructor on or before the end of class November 21st Worth: 10 participation points Please watch your video and carefully consider your answer to each question. You should respond with at least THREE sentences to each question. Answers must be typed to receive full points. 1. What was your initial reaction when you watched yourself present?: 2. What content area of your speech do you feel worked the best and why in terms of meeting requirements, organization etc. (intro, body, conclusion)? 3. What content area of your speech do you feel you could continue to improve upon and why (intro, body, conclusion)? 4. What other content area do you feel worked well, or do you feel that you could continue to
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Unformatted text preview: improve upon (explanations, citations, transitions etc)? 5. What other thoughts did you have in regards to your presentation? Did you see anything else that surprised you (good or bad)? Is there anything else you would like to work on? 6. Do you feel that you have improved since the first time you spoke in this class? If yes, how have you improved, if not, how can you improve? 7. What do you think are the most important things that you will consider in future presentations based on what you have learned, both as a presenter and watching others present, that you will take from this class?...
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