Speech Evaluation Form-Expert to Novice

Speech Evaluation Form-Expert to Novice -...

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Speech Evaluation Form: Expert to Novice Presentation Speaker: _________________________ Introduction (___/15): ___ Captured attention (was it effective?) ___ Established relevance (did you give us a clear reason to listen?) ___ Established credibility ___ Thesis statement ___ Preview of main points (separate or as a part of the thesis statement) ___ Transitioned to body (was it clear you were moving into the body?) _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Body: (___/40) ___ Organized well (points flowed, well supported, balanced) ___ Used one of the 5 organizational patterns clearly and correctly ___ Transitioned between main points (correctly, using directional transitions) ___ Cited sources in speech correctly (Min. of 3 required) ___ Used language effectively (clear, appropriate, descriptive, define terms, explain) ___ Used transformative, elucidating, quasi-scientific explanations, metaphor, analogy
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Unformatted text preview: _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Conclusion: (___/10) ___ Transitioned into conclusion (was it clear that the conclusion was coming?) ___ Restated thesis (clearly) ___ Clincher (was this effective?) Delivery: (___/30) ___ Eye contact ___ Vocal quality (pitch, expressiveness, pauses, ums, etc.) ___ Physical delivery (gestures, pacing, fidgeting, etc) ___ Extemporaneous (partly, not too much reliance on note cards) ___ Used presentational aid appropriately (not required) _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Other: (___/5) ___ Adapted to audience ___ Timely, correct information ___ Creative Time: ___________ Deduction for time: _____________ Grade: ____/100...
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Speech Evaluation Form-Expert to Novice -...

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