Syllabus COM 217 Fall 2011

Syllabus COM 217 Fall 2011 - COM 217 Writing and Presenting...

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COM 217 Writing and Presenting for the Sciences Fall 2011 "Having knowledge but lacking the power to clearly express it is no better than never having any ideas at all." –Pericles Instructor: Courtney Lynam Scherr Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 1:30 – 2:15 and always by appointment* Office Location: BRNG 2274B *If my office hours don’t work for you, please let me know!! If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with me please email me with some times that work for you (included in the initial email) and we can go from there. I promise to be extremely accessible to you, but you must let me know how I can help. COURSE MATERIALS: We will not have a textbook for the course. However, you are responsible for keeping up with all articles posted to Blackboard and in-class lectures. The readings posted on Blackboard will be in numbered files which correspond to the assigned reading numbers found on the course schedule. The readings are due the day that they are listed on the schedule. COURSE OBJECTIVES: It is my conviction that the quotation at the top of the page is of utmost relevance to those in the scientific and technical communities. You have a very specialized knowledge base from which to draw, all of which is crucial to the functioning of society, especially in this day and age of technology and fast-paced innovation. However, you must be able to disseminate that knowledge among colleagues as well as to the public. Com 217 will equip you with some of the tools to help you do that. This course will require you to prepare and deliver a number of presentations as well as several writing assignments. Additionally you will participate in class as your instructor directs. This syllabus will explain the nature, importance, and purpose of these assignments, the course policies and procedures, and the expectations of students in the course. Here are some goals/targets for the course: 1. You should be able to effectively communicate scientific and technical information to a variety of audiences. Toward this end, you will learn principles of communication theory and how to apply those principles to the management of various communication situations, especially written and oral, two of the most sought after skills by employers in any field.
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2. More specifically, as a result of classroom learning and speaking/writing experience, you will be expected to demonstrate knowledge and skill in the following areas: o Audience analysis o Topic analysis o Organizational skills o Persuasive and informative strategies o Verbal and non-verbal delivery skills o Group presentation skills o Group discussion facilitation o Creating and using presentational aids o Evaluation of research and supporting material o Preparing and polishing research reports The assignments in this class are designed to help you hit these targets. Course readings, class lectures, in class activities, and assignments will not only provide you with information about major concepts, but will also allow you the opportunity to experience
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Syllabus COM 217 Fall 2011 - COM 217 Writing and Presenting...

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