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SYLLABUS_2011 - SYLLABUS for STAT 350 Introduction to...

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SYLLABUS for STAT 350 : Introduction to Statistics, Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Sarah H. Sellke (email: [email protected] ) Office: HAAS 114 Course website: http://www.stat.purdue.edu/~ssellke/stat350 Prerequisite: One year of calculus Required Textbook: Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (with CD-Rom) by Devore & Farnum, 2 nd /2005 Edition. Grading Policy: Final course grades are determined by the following weights: Homework 75 Labs 50 Classroom Participation 25 Exam 1 100 Exam 2 100 Final Exam 150 TOTAL 500 The letter-grade cutoffs for this course are: 450 - 500 A 400 450- B 350 400- C 300 350- D <300 F Plus and minus grades may be given for borderline cases. Grades will be posted using Blackboard. I reserve the right to change the grading scheme should unusual circumstances demand it. Announcement, Homework Assignment, Labs, and Lecture Notes will be posted on the course website. No Late Work (Homework & Lab) will be accepted. You are encouraged to start the homework early in the week. At the end of the semester, one lowest homework score and one lowest lab score will be dropped.
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