Africans & African Americans in Colonial US

Africans & African Americans in Colonial US - Status...

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Unformatted text preview: Status Quo Defined By Color The African and African American citizens of the colonial United States had a difficult role in every day society. The American colonies were becoming rich and gaining lots of prosperous land. At first, American colonists depended on Indians for their forced labor. This idea was not successful because surrounding tribes made it more accessible for them to escape. After this defeated idea, American colonists moved their concentration towards then African and African Americans. During the colonial time period, the majority of Africans and African Americans had one sole purpose; slavery. Before the end of the seventeenth century, not many colonists could afford the costs of having a slave. Not only were slaves more expensive than servants, but others thought that servants were a better investment. 1 In 1672, the Royal African Company was formed; but not even this could equip the American colonies with the amount of slaves needed for the labor shortage. 2 Slavery was being used by all of the colonies because of a labor issues and a surplus of land. “At the same time that the supply of servants was decreasing, that of enslaved Africans was increasing, and it was this changing relative supply(and hence price) of labor in the face of high(indeed growing) demand that most simply explains the shift in the nature of the colonial labor force.” 3 Blacks were becoming the race of majority in some of the colonies during this time period. From 1680 to 1730 the colonies would not have been so successful in their farming and 1 1 William Graebner and Leonard Richards, The American Record: Images of the Nation’s Past, vol. 1, 5 th ed....
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Africans & African Americans in Colonial US - Status...

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