Lab03 - STAT 350 Lab 3 (Sellke Sections) Purposes:...

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STAT 350 Lab 3 (Sellke Sections) Purposes: Confidence Intervals When turning in labs: a) Please include your NAME, CLASS TIME, AND THE LAB # on your submission. b) Label each part with the problem number and put them in logical order. c) ALWAYS include your SAS code for each problem. Part I – SAS Learning Code A) Confidence intervals for the mean: proc ttest stands for the t test procedure. The confidence level C (e.g. 95%) cannot not be specified directly in SAS. We must specify alpha which relates to the confidence as such, alpha = 1 – C. For example, for 95% confidence level, we specify alpha = 0.05. SAS Learning code: proc ttest data =dataset alpha = 0.05 ; var score; run ; /*Generates a 95% confidence interval for the mean score*/ SAS Learning output (look for the bolded part): The TTEST Procedure Statistics Lower CL Upper CL Lower CL Upper CL Variable N Mean Mean Mean Std Dev Std Dev Std Dev Std Err score 21 87.3 93.667 100.03 10.701 13.987 20.198 3.0522 So the 95% C.I. for µ is (87.3, 100.03). Problem 1 Use the data contained in the file dogs.txt, which contains the weights in pounds of a random sample of some dogs, to answer the following questions: a) Generate a QQplot to verify that the data is at least “roughly” normal. (It is supposed to be for the small sample t confidence interval to be valid.)
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Lab03 - STAT 350 Lab 3 (Sellke Sections) Purposes:...

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