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Unformatted text preview: STAT 350 Lab 7 Purposes: Simple Linear Regression Due Tuesday, April 26 2011 SAS Learning code: proc reg data=punting; model dist=right / clb alpha=0.01; /* 99% confidence interval for b */ Title "Regression and Residual Plots"; plot dist*right; /* scatter plots with the regression line */ plot residual.*right; /* residual plot*/ run; Problem 1: ex 3-20 (a) (e) Problem 2: ex 3-22 Problem 3: ex 3-24 (a) (e) Problem 4: ex 11- 4 (a) (e) AdditionalQuestions(ifnotalreadyintheproblems)forProblems14: 1)Runaproc regonthedataset,constructascatterplotalongwiththeleastsquareregressionline,andconstructaplot ofresiduals. 2)Determinetheequationoftheleastsquareline. 3)Whatproportionoftheobservedvariationintheresponsevariablecanbeattributedtothelinearrelationship betweenthetwovariables? 4)Roughlywhatisthesizeofatypicaldeviationofpointsinthescatterplotfromtheleastsquareline(hint:estimate theerrorstandarddeviation)? 5)Conductamodelutilitytesttodetermineifthereisausefullinearrelationshipbetweenthesetwovariables. 6)UseSAStodeterminea95%confidenceIntervalfor?Interprettheresultinginterval. 7)Calculatea90%confidenceIntervalforbyhandusingyourSASoutput. Please turn in your lab report with your SAS code, the regression output, and two graphs (the scatter plot with the least square line and the residual plot) ...
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