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The Challenges of US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy – Bill Richardson Bill Richardson served as Governor of New Mexico , Energy Secretary , U.S. Ambassador to the United nations and Congressman. The prime focus of his speech was on the issues the U.S. foreign policy was facing. The speaker emphasized on comprehensive immigration , war in the middle east , threat of international terrorism, nuclear proliferation , contemporary economic situation , Tribal and ethnic conflicts in Africa , Green-House gas emissions , causes of global warming as primary challenges of U.S. Foreign policy . Since he had been the ambassador to the U.N. general assembly he spoke briefly about the issues which were brought up there like AIDS , poverty , childrape , exploitation of women etc . He strongly believes that in politics one cannot completely resolve any issue rather one can work to enhance the situation . Richardson also believed that there are two ways to deal with these issues ,
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Unformatted text preview: The first one being multilateral resolution with the help of other countries and the second being unilateral resolution . He believed that issues like international terrorism should be dealt multilaterally . Richardson emphasized on effective use of fossil fuels and how Nex Mexico was the only state to abide by the Kyoto treaty . He also believed Bipartisanship being very important to help environmental issues. The speakers non-emphasis on environmental issues can be attributed to current economic situation(America’s Debt) and the rising threat of international terrorism and the Arab springs in the Arab world. These issues gained more mass media attention during the process of agenda setting and the characterization of these issues might have had an influence on people’s perception of the issues (framing)....
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