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Pol 223 Policy Analysis Paper Pick a specific environmental policy of your choice to analyze for your paper. The policy can be from any environmental area in any part of the world, so make it something that interests you. Topics must be approved by me in advance through the topic proposal assignment. The analysis should be 5-7 double-spaced typed pages long (normal font and margins, i.e. Times New Roman 12 or something similar). Be aware that writing style, spelling, and grammar are incorporated into your grade in addition to the actual content. This paper isn’t a traditional research paper because part of it is logic and opinion, but the beginning portions describing the policy and its history should contain cited sources for your research. A works cited page should be placed at the end of your paper (does not count as one of the 5-7 pages). This paper is a policy analysis paper. It should begin with a description of the chosen policy and a brief history. What is the perceived problem the policy is trying to address? What
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Pol%20223%20Policy%20Analysis%20Paper0 - Pol 223 Policy...

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