Richardson - are better of on our own • Comprehensive...

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Pol 223 Extra Credit Opportunity Attend one of the following two outside lectures and write the designated response for it. Reminder- you may only receive credit for 1 lecture (although you’re certainly welcome to attend both). Option 2 Bill Richardson- The Challenges of US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in the 21 st Century October 5 th , 2011 7 pm in Loeb Playhouse Assignment- Write a 1 page double-spaced typed response to Richardson’s talk. What is his take on global warming and global energy needs? What does he see as the US’s role in global environmental policies? Can you extrapolate his sustainable development attitudes from his policy recommendations and view of the problems? Bill Richardson served as Governor of New Mexico , Energy Secretary , U.S. Ambassador to the United nations and Congressman. The challenges of U.S. Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in the 21 st Century. Challenges the American foreign policy if facing ? Multi- lateral , pursue the US foreign policy . Although there are some areas where we
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Unformatted text preview: are better of on our own. • Comprehensive immigration • Middleeast • Threat of international terrorism . America should deal with it by itself • Nuclear proliferatation . How the US can curb it ? • International economic situation • Tribal and ethnic conflicts. International communities trying to respond to it. • Green house gas emissions , Causes of global warning , New mexico is the only state to abide by the Kyoto treat. • Bi-Partisanship very important to help environmental issues • Issues at the UN general assembly : AIDS , poverty , child rape , exploitation of women. We approach this multilaterally • You cant resolve all the issues . Just can work to enhance the situation. • How do we stop North korea from developing nuclear weapons ? Requires collaborative leadership. • Effective use of Fossil fuels . We should turn to more effective ways of using energy. •...
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Richardson - are better of on our own • Comprehensive...

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