The Role of Political Scientists

The Role of Political Scientists - thrive to protect people...

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The Role of Political Scientists Shashikanth vakiti The growing evidence of deterioration of the world’s bio diversity and ecosystems , There is a definite urge for the scientists to assume the public role of advocacy to educate people and the policymakers. Most scientists believe that they risk their credibility by venturing outside the laboratories . I believe that scientists should take up the moral and social responsibilities of advocating people about their scientific research and the effects and advantages of specific policies. If the scientists stick to being neutral and do not voice their opinions , there is a danger of misinterpretation of their scientific findings . The bush administration’s misuse of science can be cited as the best example where there is a well established pattern of suppression and distortion of scientific findings. The industry sponsored science often results in conflicts of interest , a potentially destructive influence , but the scientists should act with integrity and should
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Unformatted text preview: thrive to protect people and the environment from the adverse effects . The union of Concerned scientists (UCS) is an organization which defines its goals as education , advocacy , critique of public policies as well as support for educational programs at the frontiers of science and public affairs. The UCS , in the year 2004 with a group of more than 60 scientists charged the federal agencies of misinterpreting the scientific consensus on global warming , manipulated scientific findings on the emissions of mercury from powerplants and suppressed information on condom use. The role of UCS is herculean in safeguarding the environmental safety and to bring about the truth about the policies . I strongly perceive that the advocacy of scientists in an ethical manner is very much essential in the contemporary world were science is being suppressed and distorted....
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