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Module 5: Policy Instruments Oct 21- Topic: Types of Policy Tools- Overview Goals: Learn about the different types of policy instruments in a policy-maker’s toolbox. Reading: Selection from Anne Schneider and Helen Ingram’s 1990 Journal of Politics Article- Behavior Assumptions of Policy Tools (pages 511-522). Oct 24- Topic: Regulations Goals: Focus on regulations and laws as a policy instrument. Readings: Selection from Chp 1: Two Approaches to Environmental Control (pages 6-9). In the 1994 NAPA publication The Environment Goes to Market: The Implementation of Economic Incentives for Pollution Control. Selection from Chp 4: Restrictions, Regulations, and Economic Incentives (pages 69- 86). In Politics and the Environment: Risk and the Role of Government and Industry, by Michael Howes. Oct 26- Topic: Market-Based (Economic) Tools 1- Introduction Goals: Look at new market-based instruments (taxes, subsidies, etc.). Why are these types of instruments sometimes preferable to regulations? How can they be used as both
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