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Pol 223 Extra Credit Opportunity 2011 - put into widespread...

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Pol 223 Extra Credit Opportunity Attend one of the following two outside lectures and write the designated response for it. Reminder- you may only receive credit for 1 lecture (although you’re certainly welcome to attend both). Option 1 Ed Begly- Live Simply so that others may Simply Live September 26 th , 2011 7:30pm in Fowler Hall Assignment- Write a 1 page double-spaced typed response to Begly’s talk. What types of action does Begly encourage (give examples)? What type of sustainable development person is he probably given his recommendations? How likely do you think his arguments are to actually be
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Unformatted text preview: put into widespread use (and given that he’s a Hollywood actor, can everyday people even do so?) Option 2 Bill Richardson- The Challenges of US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in the 21 st Century October 5 th , 2011 7 pm in Loeb Playhouse Assignment- Write a 1 page double-spaced typed response to Richardson’s talk. What is his take on global warming and global energy needs? What does he see as the US’s role in global environmental policies? Can you extrapolate his sustainable development attitudes from his policy recommendations and view of the problems?...
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