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Pol Module 4 Reading List (1)

Pol Module 4 Reading List (1) - Module 4 Who/What...

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Module 4: Who/What Influences Policy? Sept 30-Topic: Epistemic Communities Goals: Learn what an epistemic community is. What role can they play in shaping environmental policy? Reading: Mikael Sunström (2000). “A Brief Introduction: What is an Epistemic Community?” Oct 3-Topic: Media Framing Goals: Learn about the important role the media can play in shaping environmental policy decisions. How do they influence which problems come into the public spotlight? Reading: Selection from Chp 5: Media and Environmental Journalism. (pages 177-188) In Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere, by Robert Cox. Oct 5- Topic: Case Study- The Love Canal Goals: Use the case of the Love Canal to look at how environmental risk perceptions and the media helped determine environmental policy. Reading: Chp 3: Love Canal: Hazardous Waste and the Politics of Fear. In The Environmental Case: Translating Values into Policy, by Judith A. Layzer.
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