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Women & Girls in Media - Patterns On Sports Center on...

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Women and Girls in the Media Women are portrayed as: Weak Sex symbols Inferior to men Skinny Pretty “Stay-At-Home” Mom Examples of Media that portrays this: TV shows: America’s Next Top Model, The Girls Next Door Movies: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Blue Crush, Coyote Ugly, American Gangster Magazines: Maxim, Cosmo, Playboy, Teen Vogue, Shape Advertisements: Herbal Essence, smoking ads, drinking ads, sports ads Music Videos: basically all music videos especially in rap and hip hop videos Internet: pornography, modeling advertisements Theme: Women aren’t looked at as strong independent human beings. In an advertisement, women aren’t looked at as a whole; they are looked at for their sex appeal. On most covers of magazines, there are usually females, typically white, and usually very thin.
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Unformatted text preview: Patterns: On Sports Center, on ESPN, women get devoted less than 2% of the airtime. How reporters describe athletes: • Females: weary, fatigue, frustrated, panicked, vulnerable, choking • Males: strong, brilliant, gutsy, aggressive, big Female athletes are photographed much differently than male athletes. “Then, there’s Teen Vogue, which gushes that ‘finding yourself and what makes you feel happy and healthy is always in fashion’ but then also runs ads for breast enhancement tablets. For $229.95, you too can grow bigger boobs, “feel more beautiful and sexier than ever” and “have more self-esteem, more confidence” (source: Janelle Brown, Salon, 2001)...
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Women & Girls in Media - Patterns On Sports Center on...

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