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Intro Lecture - between inflation and unemployment Category...

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Ben Bernanke FED Chairman: 2006 - Who are these guys? Alan Greenspan FED Chairman: 1987 – January 31, 2006 FED Chairman: 1979 – August 11, 1987 Ayn Rand
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Category A 1) An increase in the rate of growth in the money supply will increase the rate of inflation. 2) An increase in government spending will increase interest rates. 3) An increase in U.S. interest rates will decrease the Yuan price of the U.S. dollar. 4) An increase in the minimum wage will increase unemployment among teenagers 5) There is a long run tradeoff
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Unformatted text preview: between inflation and unemployment. Category B 1) The government should raise import tariffs to save American jobs. 2) The FED ought to lower interest rates to increase demand for houses. 3) President Obama should cut taxes instead of increasing spending to stimulate our ailing economy. 4) We should increase the minimum wage to make low income workers better off. 5) We should increase the inflation rate to create more jobs. Positive Statements Normative Statements...
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