the wolf in sheeps clothing

the wolf in sheeps clothing - The research in The Wolf In...

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Unformatted text preview: The research in, The Wolf In Sheepdogs Clothing , they used a method of observation called naturalistic observation. This is basically just when the researchers will do the study in the subjects natural setting in order to get natural behavior. This study of sheepdogs was done by Lacy Shaffer and Niko Tinbergen. Shaffer and Tinbergen wanted to conduct a study on Border collie sheepdogs and how they were herding the sheep. Eventually they were introduced to the Dargues family with help from Tinbergers friend Jimmy. This family owned their own farm with sheep and sheepdogs to study; they began to question whether or not the sheep flocking together was actually a trained behavior or more of a defense mechanism. A man named Edwin controlled the farm for the most part, and would use a dog named Spot. The observations started to turn to the commands that Edwin would give to Spot. Shaffer recorded and analyzed these observations and within three weeks, the majority of the time, it would be...
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