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IE 343, Spring 2010 Suggested problems for Chapter 7 Note: Make sure to show all working for the problems on your submission. Submit your homework with the ‘Answer Summary Sheet’ attached as the last page . This sheet can be found on Blackboard, together with the relevant homework. It contains a simple list of question numbers and blanks for the answers. The answers you arrive at in your working must match those that you provide in the answer summary sheet. If there are any discrepancies, your assignment will not be graded. The answer summary sheet is not a substitute for your normal submission, it is an addition. Be sure to submit both stapled together, with your name and section written on both
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Unformatted text preview: your work and the answer summary sheet. 1. Problem 7.8 (10 points) 2. Problem 7.15 (10 points) 3. Problem 7.32 (12 points) 4. Problem 7.38 (10 points) 5. Problem 7.44 (8 points) 6. (10 points) Your company is considering investing in a new machine for quality control. The machine will require a capital investment of $345,000, will yield annual savings of $112,000, and will be sold at the end of year 6 for $80,000. The machine will be depreciated with GDS using a 7-year recovery period. The effective income tax rate is 40% and your company’s after tax MARR is 10%. Calculate the PW of the ATCFs that this machine would generate....
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