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exam2learningobj - ME 270 LEARNING OBJECTIVES OF EXAM 2...

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ME 270 LEARNING OBJECTIVES OF EXAM 2 Topic Area 1: Frames and Machines 1. Free body diagrams (overall and individual members) 2. Newton’s Third Law 3. Zero-force members Note : Make a plan before starting to solve Negative solutions imply that the direction of the force is opposite to that chosen on the FBD. Leave FBDs intact and carry negative signs throughout calculations Be able to express solutions in vector form Draw a separate overall Free Body Diagram (separate from the artwork). Label different FBDs (FBD #1, FBD #2, etc.) and refer to the specific FBD when writing your equilibrium eqns. Be able to write forces as vectors. Don’t show internal forces until you separate sub-parts from each other.
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Topic Area 2: Friction 1. General friction problems 2. Tipping vs. slipping 3. Wedges 4. Belt friction Note : For general friction problems - identify all potential types of impending motion and associated assumptions - know direction of impending sliding before drawing friction force - f
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