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Date Problem Number Your Name (Last, First, Middle) Given: concise statement (in your own words) of the information given. Find: concise statement (in your own words) of the information sought. Schematic: draw a schematic (where appropriate, a free body diagram) of the system and label appropriate coordinate axes. Use a straight edge whenever possible. Assumptions: state your initial assumptions. Solution: State mathematical formulation of basic laws or definitions to be used. Beginning with the basic equations, carry through the analysis, simplifying as far as possible before substituting in numbers. Substitute in numerical values (using a consistent set of units) to obtain numerical
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Unformatted text preview: answers. Check your answers to be sure that they are reasonable. Label your answers and include appropriate units with the answers. Use over bar notation for all vectors appearing in your solution; e.g., . NOTE: 1. Work problems directly on the sheet to be turned in [i.e., do not use scratch paper and then recopy]. Give all the details of calculations. 2. Neat work will help in avoiding careless errors. 3. Homework must be turned in on engineering paper. 4. Submit each homework problem on a separate sheet of paper....
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