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mp2-addendum-sp11 - ECE428/CS425/CSE424 Distributed Systems...

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Distributed Hash Table This addendum discusses the experimental results that are expected from your programming assignment 2. We will test your code with multiple input files, in sequence. Each of the input files will look similar to the file1.txt shown below. file1.txt ADD_NODE 1 SLEEP 10 ADD_NODE 32 10 11 ADD_FILE f1 SLEEP 20 ADD_FILE f2 ADD_FILE f3 QUIT Each input file will include all the commands from the previous input file along with few additional commands. For instance, the input file, file2.txt , shown below contains all of the commands from file1.txt with few additional commands. Similarly, file3.txt contains some additional commands including those from file2.txt , and so on. Note that there is only one QUIT command per file. file2.txt file3.txt ADD_NODE 1 ADD_NODE 1 SLEEP 10 SLEEP 10 ADD_NODE 32 10 11 ADD_NODE 32 10 11 ADD_FILE f1 ADD_FILE f1 SLEEP 20 SLEEP 20 ADD_FILE f2 ADD_FILE f2 ADD_FILE f3 ADD_FILE f3 SLEEP 5 SLEEP 5 FIND_FILE f1 FIND_FILE f1 FIND_FILE f2
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