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ECE 562 Fall 2011 October 20, 2011 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 5 Due Date: November 1, 2011 (in class) 1. Differential Detector and Noncoherent Orthogonal Modulation. Show that for binary DPSK, the non coherent detector based on the two-symbol interval statistic Y n is the same as the differential detector (see notes). 2. To track or not to track the phase. Consider a BPSK system with an imperfect phase reference, and a BDPSK system with differential detection. Assume that the data rates, transmit powers, and noise PSD’s for the two systems are the same. Let P b (BSPK , φ ) and P b (BDPSK) denote the respective bit error rates for communication. Find the value of phase error φ for which P b (BSPK , φ ) = P b (BDPSK) = 10 - 6 . 3. In class we saw a figure from the book by Proakis that depicts a comparison of the spectral efficiency ρ versus bit SNR γ b for various modulation schemes at a symbol error probability of P e = 10 - 5 . Your task in this problem is to produce a similar figure for a symbol error probability of P
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