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The British North America essay - Countries across the...

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Countries across the globe took into account Canada’s real power on July 1, 1867 after the union of the four original provinces was established. British statesmen didn’t realize these circumstances until after many other countries; Canada was finally obtaining a backbone. This crowning accomplishment was necessary and made way for Canada’s newly found voice during the beginning of developing the constitution. This historical event has been considered so important that it has been blamed for the death of Emperor Maximilian, who was emperor of Mexico from 1864 until he died in 1867. Also, in 1867, Canada had finally established the British North America Act of 1867 in result of struggles that it has been having. Since 1982, it has also been known as the Constitution Act. Starting in the 1830’s and 1840’s Canada’s provinces achieved what the British parliamentary system refers to as a “responsible government”. This “responsible government” is actually a limited self-government. British North America consisted of British colonies and part of Hudson Bay’s Company land. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were federally united with Quebec and Ontario. Quebec and Ontario used to be the United Province of Canada, which was a British colony in North America from 1841 to 1867. During this time period, the Premier of Nova Scotia, Sir Charles Tupper, brought to light the idea of a legislative union of the Maritime Provinces in front of the Legislature of Nova Scotia. This was ideal for many Canadian Statesmen, especially Sir A. T. Galt, who had many propositions to offer. The idea was supported by Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island to assemble a federal union with Canada and the Western Territories in the Legislature of Canada. After this attempt 1
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failed, it was realized that Galt’s layout of the union adhered to both, the Quebec resolutions and the British North America Act. For many years Canada has worked at creating a stable government and has failed every time. Although failing was becoming very prevalent, statesmen never became frazzled. “…Tupper and D’Arcy McGee renounced just ambitions and acknowledged claims to consideration, in order that a Government with some assurance of permanence might be established in 1867.”(Borden 51). In Charlottetown, on September 1, 1864 the three Maritime Provinces met to discuss the Maritime Union. Representatives from the new Coalition Government arrived to share a plan for a larger
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The British North America essay - Countries across the...

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