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2.9 Notes - Arabs-Many Arabs are Muslim(about 80 but most...

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HIST428V Notes 2.9 - Dowdy giving summary of Yitzhak Epstein’s view of Zionism – what to do with Arab populations in Israel o Dowdy thought Epstein was a little too idealistic o Epstein assumed Arabs would accept Jews because of the economic prosperity they would bring o Work together and respect each other o Dowdy believes this is the most important questions o Need to consider dealing with people already living in Palestine o Believed that if Zionists treated people right, everything would be okay between the two groups - Jabotinsky believed that force would have to be used o Recognized that Arabs would not welcome Zionists o No one should expect Arabs to welcome us, but we need this land and we are entitled to it, and we need to recognize we have no choice but to fight for it o Seen as fascistic by much of the Zionist community, as they hoped for Arab acceptance - Mufti seen as villain who prevented positive relationships between Jews and
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Unformatted text preview: Arabs-Many Arabs are Muslim (about 80%) but most Muslims are NOT Arab!!!!-Arabs not a national group until the 20 th century-Zionists found a society in transition in the late 19 th century-Until late 19 th century, Arabs and Muslims lived under Muslim power-Arabs coming to terms with living under non-Muslim power o Becoming subordinates o Culture and professional changes o Agriculture-At same time, Muslim reform movement o Theologians wondering why dream does not fit reality o Wanted to make Islam more relevant to modern world while not changing it o Keep Islam fundamentally the same but make them more relevant to modern world-Islam does not emphasize nationality, but Muslims came to see themselves as nationally different-Young Ottomans and Turks saw themselves Turks and started emphasizing the Turkish aspect of it-...
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