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CIS 210 Fall 2010 Assignment 4 Due: October 18, 2010 Write a system of functions along with a main program that accomplishes the same tasks as assignment 3. The individual functions should do the following tasks: 1. Read in the data 2. convert degrees to radians 3. computer the sine 4. compute the cosine 5. output the answers. Use local variables whenever possible. Assignment 3 The sine of a number measured in radians is given by the expansion: sin(x) = x – x 3 /3! + x 5 /5! – x 7 /7! +
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Unformatted text preview: - - - and the cosine is given by the expansion: cos(x) = 1 x 2 /2! + x 4 /4! + x 6 /6! - - - - Write a program that will calculate the sine and cosine of an angle. The input should be in degrees. You must convert the degrees into radians. Use a CONSTANT PI =3.14159. The output should be degrees. Permit the user to enter the accuracy called delta and have the program cycle back for multiple angles. The means you will have at least one loop inside of another loop....
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