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CIS 210 Fall 2010 Assignment 7 Due: November 29, 2010 Write a program that has a main program and four functions. The functions are: 1. Reads a set of integer numbers from a file called sort into an array of integers. Use a technique discussed in class to find the end of the file. Count the number of numbers entered. 2. Sorts the array of numbers using the bubble sort. For extra credit equal to one
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Unformatted text preview: assignment use the quick sort. 3. Append the sorted numbers back onto the file sort. 4. Print out the original numbers and sorted numbers on the screen as follows a 1 sort-a 1 a 2 sort-a 2 a 3 sort-a 3 … Turn the listing of your program, screen shot of the two arrays on the monitor and copy of the file before and after sorting. NO assignments will be accepted after December 3....
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