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CIS 210 – Introduction to C++ Fall 2010 Instructor: David Feinstein Telephone: 460:6693 emergency only 599:3815 e-mail: [email protected] (When using e-main MAKE SURE the subject line is your class “CIS 210") website: Office: FCE 4 Office Hours: 10:00– 11:00 M-F or by appointment Credits: 3 Time: Section 101 MWF 12:20 – 1:15 Section 102 TT 8:00 – 8:15 Prerequisite: MA 125 (Cal I) Text: Problem Solving with C++, 7 th edition Other resources will be distributed in class Software: Microsoft Visual 2008 (C++ is part of visual studio available through the Microsoft Developer’s Network Academic Alliance) This is available through the School of Computer and Information Sciences. 1. Go to the School’s website 2. Find the link on the left side MSDNAA 3. Go to MSDNAA Sign-up 4. After your account is generated you will receive login information. (may be fast, sometimes the end of the business day) 5. When you login you will see the software to download: “visual studio professional edition – 2008”. Check the MSDNAA FAQ on the page for help. Course Description: Introduction to problem solving using C++. Topics include algorithm design, programming concepts, programming environment, simple data structures, internal representation of data types, and an introduction to classes. Course Objectives: At the end of the semester the student should be able to: 1. Use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create and test simple C++ programs. 2. Describe and use primitive data types supplied with a high level programming language 3. Correctly use sequential execution, selection structures and loops to design and implement algorithms. 4. Design and test modular programs implemented using C++functions. 5. Use aggregate data structures (such as arrays) in problem solving. 6. Understand data representation, pointers and memory addressing.
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Course Content: We will cover the first 9 chapters of the Savitch book. Topics include but are not restricted to: 1. C++ Basics 2. Flow of Control 3. Basic Functions 4. I/O streams and files 5. Arrays 6. Strings and Vectors 7. Pointers and Dynamic Arrays Important dates: First day of Class 8/23/2010 Labor day Holiday 9/6/2010 Exam I 9/15/2010 Fall Break 10/4/2010-10/5/2010 Exam 2 11/5/2010 Thanksgiving Holiday 11/24/2010-11/28/2010 Last day of class 12/9/2010 Final Exams, Check class schedule for exam date and time Section 101: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Fri. Dec. 10 Section 102: 12:20 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Sat. Dec. 11 Grading: Two in class exams 40 (20 each) Final exam 30 Programming assignments
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CIS210.sly.fall.2010.dlf.081610 - CIS 210 Introduction to C...

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