e_to_the_x_function - delta_par) { double expx1, expx2...

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#include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std; double expx( double x_par, double delta_par); //calculates the exponental function of x_par //using the tayler series to an accuracy of delta_par int main() { double x, delta, answ; char ans; cout << "enter a value for x " ; cin >> x ; cout << "now enter a value for delta " ; cin >> delta; answ = expx(x,delta); cout << "x " << x << " expx " << answ; return 0; } double expx( double x_par, double
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Unformatted text preview: delta_par) { double expx1, expx2 ,fact, error; int k; k = 2; fact = 2; expx1 =1; expx2 = expx1 + pow(x_par,1); error = (expx1-expx2)/expx1; while (fabs(error)&gt; delta_par) { expx1 = expx2; expx2 = expx2 + pow(x_par,k)/fact; // cout &lt;&lt; &quot; k &quot; &lt;&lt; k &lt;&lt; endl; This statement can be used to help with debugging k++; fact = fact*k; error = (expx1-expx2)/expx1; } return expx2; }...
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