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Chapter 2 Discussion Topics Answer the following questions. Be prepared to discuss your answers in class and send to Feinstein as an attachmnet to an e-mail. Be sure to follow email conventions. Due: 9/9/2010 1. Give a brief explanation of the Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design. State an example you have seen on a device, computer interface or web site that violates those rules. 2. In certain interfaces, it is necessary to inform users of an abnormal condition or time-dependent information. It is important that the display of this information catches the user's attention. Suggest five ways a designer can successfully attract attention. 3. Name a piece of software you often use where it is easy to produce an error. Explain ways you could improve the
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Unformatted text preview: interface to better prevent errors. 4. Don Norman suggests organizing screens and menus functionally, designing commands and menu choices to be distinctive, and making it difficult for users to take irreversible actions. Norman also says to provide feedback about the state of the interface (e.g., changing the cursor to show whether a map interface is in zoom-in or select mode) and designing for consistency of actions (e.g., ensuring that Yes/No buttons are always displayed in the same order). State one example you have seen where you know these rules have been violated. Although this is crucial to a user interfaces success, suggest why there may be challenges to implement some of Norman’s guide lines....
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