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ISC-551 Interface Design Project Requirements Fall-2010 This document is a description of major requirements for the interface design project. The requirements are broken down into phased deliverables. A list of major milestones for the project follows: Part Description Nature of deliverable Due date A User/task analysis Written report due Thurs., Oct 7 B Interface prototype(s) In-class evaluations Tues., Oct. 21 C Interface test plan Written report due Tues., Nov. 4 D Report on results of usability study Written report due Thurs., Dec 2 Part A – Analyze User and Task Needs This first part of the semester project requires that you complete one set of deliverables. If you are working as part of a team, all team members are expected to cooperate and become equally knowledgeable about the project. Your task is to complete Part A of our semester project by analyzing user and task needs for a specific problem. You must select a problem and submit it for approval. Each team must select an interesting HCI problem. You are to begin by stating your problem, such as electronic voting . You may also discuss the domain or context of the problem, such as sociotechnical systems . You are to think about and write about each of the following issues. 1. The Tasks What are the most important or interesting tasks to be performed by users? Think about significant tasks, not trivial tasks, and think about the tasks independent of the user interface. Significant tasks Trivial or computer-based tasks Groups making a decision in a meeting Selecting from a simple list Students learning to write queries Identifying yourself to another person Trying to make friend Simple form fillin Finding a movie you are in the mood for Login screen Finding the right wedding gift Sending an email a college student finding a budget-friendly vacation destination An analyst making a loan appraisal decision
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2 A student making a class schedule A student taking an exam Think about tasks and subtasks, and the relative ordering of tasks and subtasks, for example. What are the steps of the task (not using the computer)? 2. The Users (expected, for the interface) Evaluate users according to their knowledge of the task, familiarity with the interface, and frequency of use, for example. Do you believe that all users will be alike or not? Identify segments if users, if appropriate, and what their specific needs are. Go beyond Shneiderman‟s broad categories of users. Think about the specific needs of the types of users for the particular task domain(s) of your problems, and write the results of your analysis. Think about the needs of the user in performing the task. What are the cognitive, informational, physical, emotional, motivational or other kinds of needs related to the task? What constitutes success in the task?
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Fa2010ProjectPartABCD - ISC-551 Interface Design Project...

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