FRX FINAL PAPER - Figuring out your future is very...

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Figuring out your future is very overwhelming. Especially right after high school, because we are too young to know what we want to do with the rest of our lives. This is why going to college can help us figure out what we’d like to do and show us all of the opportunities that are offered. In the book, Making the Most Out of College , by Richard J. Light, he explains how college has so many important factors included in it such as; goals, hopes, and dreams in the academic and social scenes in order to get the most out of college. I feel like decided on whether or not to go to college can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. Although, I felt like not going to college wasn’t even an option for me, leaving home and coming to college was difficult for me and quite a challenge. Being such a dependent person on my mom and other close relatives at home, it was tough letting go and living on my own. One of the most important factors in going to college is the impact it can make on your life. These days a lot of employers are asking for college degrees in order to hire you. Not only can it be a deciding factor on whether or not you get employed, but it can also come into role when it comes to salary and benefits. Going to college opens up so many doors and places so many opportunities right in front of you that you can choose from. There are choices with everything; from your major and what you excel in, to all of the activities and clubs that the school may offer. I look to college as a place to not only get my education and figure out what I want to do with my life, but also as a place to make connections and meet new people that you may come to know for the rest of your life. For me, going to college is a time to help me mature, give me responsibilities and learn how to figure things out on my own for once. Plattsburgh feels like home to me. Corny enough to say, it just “feels right”. The atmosphere is comforting, everyone is friendly and accepting. I came to visit Plattsburgh last year to come visit some friends, even before I considered it as a college, and I just felt like I fit in here. I ended up coming back for an open house and tour and realized that I wouldn’t be any happier if I went anywhere else. It was
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also perfect for me at Plattsburgh because there is an excellent new education program that I looked into when coming to school. I ended up getting accepted into it, and am still very excited about it. Plattsburgh has a lot to offer that I am interested in. Going on the tour for the school and just walking around and feeling like I was part of the college for a couple hours that day, I was able to picture myself there. The class sizes are perfect for me. I feel like for my education classes since they are for my major, they are small and concentrated. On the other hand, some of my general education classes have around 45 students in them. I don’t feel it is as important to have a small and concentrated class sizes when it is
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FRX FINAL PAPER - Figuring out your future is very...

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