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theory of interdependence

theory of interdependence - Created by Tebow Kelley...

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Theory of Interdependence Created by Tebow & Kelley Reward/cost Ratio Cumulative Immediate Forecast Forecast ratio Imagined future of the relationship Perceive what the relationship holds for us down the road Dating – What to do when someone moves away Forecast ratio can be positive or negative Engagement, picking a rommate Comparison Level (CL) Minimum standard for satisfaction Compare what you’re getting out of a relationship to your CL Reflects our values Varies from person-to-person and in different relationships We project our own standard onto other people
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Self-esteem can play a role in your standards Compare R/C ratio with the CL R/C > CL Happy, satisfied situation What I get from the relationship is more than I minimally want R/C < CL Unhappy, dissatisfied situation Getting less than what I minimally desire Comparison Level for Alternatives (CL Alt) No relationship exists in a social vaccum It is within a network, other people Level of available options
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