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D#3(drama class)

D#3(drama class) - Because tragedies will also teach us...

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Because tragedies will also teach us lessons and leave us with critical thinking but comedies will be more entertaining and will not be more enduring and there is less critical thinking to them. also I believe we usually have an hero in tragedies that u can get involve with that person but in comedy in usual you can not get involve with the hero. For example in titanic when jack died all of us cried and get sad we couldn’t forget that sin, and we believe how he loved rose and how she loved him. And we had a lot to discussed about. That is one of the best tragedy that I have ever seen in my life.and I was totally involved with hero of the film but actually I think the titanic had 2 heros.jack and rose both were hero. she broke the rules of her life and jack did that as well.in titanic they made all of us sad for a while but the movie had something more than sad feeling and this is tragedy we will think deep and can critical about it. But look at the something about mary.
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