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D#8 - I have seen more musicals theater than regular...

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Unformatted text preview: I have seen more musicals theater than regular plays.in my childhood it was my big dream to going to musical theater every week with my mother from that time I became a huge fan of musicals, and I believe that all forms of art are serious and in my opinion it doesn't matter if its musical or not because at the end s/he try to tell the story to the audience and its depend to the way of telling that. but in musical type, artists going to dance or sings to make it "more clear" and give the audience new feeling by telling the story in musical way. Also I belive when an actor or actress performs in a musical they must have several talents which is the talent of being able to act and the others to sing and dance because its like challenge to do all these together. So everyone just talked about the musical type that you can laugh on it and making fun by laughing but I think we still have the other kind of musical theatre that are not even funny and they are really sad such as "moulin rouge" or "sound's of Neda" [this play is performed in different type of plays]. It's a musical show but with sad perform. But in usual all of us can remember the musical theater as our childhood favorite place. But i believe that although we might laugh at musical they are serious perform. I really enjoy musicals more than regular plays and they are definitely a serious art form for me. ...
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