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Unformatted text preview: Morvarid Tabatabaei--put your name on it! I saw T heT taming of the S hrew for my first critique. I saw it on Wednesday, September fifteenth at Old Globe Theater which is located downtown in Balboa park. The T aming of the S hrew is written by William Shakespeare ,and I believe the company production is Old Globe Theater and the director is Ron Daniels. In this paper I am intent to cover all the materials about the genre, plot, main action, main characters, the purpose of them to serve in forwarding the ac- tion, the main conflict, the climax of the play and effectiveness of the play. And at the end I am going to add my idea about what I liked and what I didn’t about the play. The genre of the play is comedy or farce, but you can feel musical genre as well in some scenes during the time that ensemble or group of performers play. The story is about taming the shrew girl who has a wealthy father. She has a younger sister who is compliant and submissive and because of that reason she has many suitors. Yes. But the wealthy father believes that the only way that she can get married is by marrying the first daughter who is Katherine, so the fath- er and other noble men of the town decide to find a husband for her who can tame her and after that gain all that bountiful dowry. As we know plot is how to tell the story. Sort of--it’s the sequence of events. [So, in this play plot is how to submissive Katherine.]--unclear [The wild woman who has an acid tongue, who is malcontent , irrepressible and insubordinate.]--fragment, irrepressible and insubordinate....
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Tabatabei%2c%20Morvarid.critique%201 - Morvarid...

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