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Essay Exam # 2 - MARYAM TABATABAEI ESSAY EXAM 2 Art 111 In...

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MARYAM TABATABAEI ESSAY EXAM # 2 Art 111 In this paper I would like to Compare and contrast the architecture of the Early Renaissance, the High Renaissance and Venetian Renaissance and talk about the most famous artists and their styles and how do the buildings represent their ideals. Early Renaissance Art- In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the beginning of the Renaissance, which means rebirth, the oppression of the Medieval ages was lifted. People began to have more freedom of thought and were able to be more creative. Art became more important and not only the nobles and the religious authorities, but the rising middle class of merchants, bankers and contractors were able to commission works of art. Italy was one of the first countries to exhibit signs of the Renaissance through intellectual thought, discoveries, and the new style of art.During this time, perspective drawing was discovered, adding a three-dimensional effect to art. Many discoveries were made pertaining to human anatomy as well. However, many of the styles retained some aspects of gothic and Romanesque art. Important artists during this time were Donatello, Philippo Brunelleschi, Piero della Francesca, and Sandro Botticelli –I want to talk about Philippe Brunelleschi and his famous building “view from the south”-( Page 467)-A crowning achievement Brunelleschi’s bored knowledge of roman construction principles combined with an analytical and inventive mind permitted him to solve an engineering problem that no other 15 th century architect could solve. The challenge was the design and construction of a dome for the huge crossing of the unfinished Florence cathedral. But the problem was staggering the space to be spanned was much too wide to permit
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Essay Exam # 2 - MARYAM TABATABAEI ESSAY EXAM 2 Art 111 In...

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