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IslamicTileProject - Islamic Tile Project Islamic art was...

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Islamic Tile Project Islamic art was produced in many different geographic regions whose diverse cultures were unified through the religion of Islam. One of the most popular forms of Islamic art is the Islamic tile. Islamic tiles were most often used in architecture, decorating mosques and other important Islamic buildings. Because Muslims are forbidden to use pictures in worship, they rarely have any form of pictures in their art. Thus, an Islamic tile will most often be decorated in one (or more) of the three following styles: 1. Calligraphy : The first style uses calligraphy to decorate the tile. Most of the words used in Calligraphy are taken from the Qur’an which means that calligraphy is almost always done in Arabic. Because Arabic calligraphy is so hard to draw, I would recommend that only the most advanced artists try to do calligraphy for their Islamic tile. 2. Geometric and Vegetation Patterns : In the absence of pictures, Islamic art uses geometric and vegetation designs to decorate.
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