Maryam Tabatabaei essay Q # 4

Maryam Tabatabaei essay Q # 4 - Maryam Tabatabaei , essay...

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Maryam Tabatabaei , essay Question # 4 In this paper I would like to talk about “early Modern art in the late 19 th century.” And “When did this period begin and who was the Father of Modern art”.i will Discuss and compare 2 artists style as well as the style. First of all I want to talk a little bit about “ Paul Cezanne” he known as “FATHER OF MODERN ART”. he was a famous French, Post-Impressionist painter, born on January 19, 1839 at Aix-en-Province of France, he carried on his work without any financial concerns. The painter started his lessons on art from an early age of 10 under a Spanish monk, Joseph Gibert at St Joseph boarding school, Aix. In 1852, Paul Cézanne joined the College of Bourbon and made friends with the noted French writer, Emile Zola. In 1859- 61, the artist studied at the law school of the University of Aix. He moved to Paris in 1861. Cézanne mastered the color composition & drafter ship in his work. His uniquely sensuous and repetitive brushstrokes, and the use of the different planes of colors, gave his work an eye-catching obsession. All time great painters, Henri Matisse & Pablo Picasso said that Paul Cézanne "is the father of us all." He was considered the bridge between the Impressionism of 19th century & the Cubism of 20th century, which Picasso
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Maryam Tabatabaei essay Q # 4 - Maryam Tabatabaei , essay...

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