visual 111 - Name: Art 111 1. Representational Artist:...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: Art 111 1. Representational Artist: Pieter claesz Title: vanitas still life Style: Baroque Medium oil on canvas Page #/Fig #: (19-55) 610 WHY: many like these, objects assembled in artificial arrangement, display of artifice, glass sphere, cracked walnut, traded paper, violin, clock, skull, remind us in the way still lives were used, remind us of transience of life, all die, music is symbol of time, representation of artist, mirror is memento mori, death, studio conceived inside sphere. Also art which is based on images which can be found in the objective world, or at least in the artist's imagination. 2. Non-representational Artist: piet mondrian Title: composition in red, blue and yellow Style: rhythmic Medium oil on canves Page #/Fig #: (22-55) 781 WHY: Mondrian limited his palette to the primary colors and black and white in his signature works. He worked in these very geometric formats that seem at first very straightforward and easy to achieve. On reflection, they seem to arrive at some perfect balance that only Mondrian was able to accomplish also I believe its a non- representational art. Because this art which is not based on external appearances this covers several types of art - abstract, non-objective, and decorative; as contrasted with representational art, which is art based on "real" imagery, whether actually existant or existent only in the artist's imagination 3. Abstract Artist: fernand legar Title: the city Style: figural Medium oil on canves Page #/Fig #: (22-18) 725 WHY: The enormous size and vibrant color of this painting immediately catch the viewers attention. He used vibrantly tinted planes, solid shapes, and silhouettes that have a machine-like quality. There is billowing smoke that appears from nowhere and stops before escaping the canvas also we know abstract means the modification of a natural form by simplification or distortion....
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visual 111 - Name: Art 111 1. Representational Artist:...

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