AC 341 chapter 14 hw

AC 341 chapter 14 hw - Stephen Hruby Ch 14 DQ 23,40 BE 48,...

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Unformatted text preview: Stephen Hruby Ch 14 DQ 23,40 BE 48, 50 PR 53,59 Case 60 DQ 23.Bricks-and-mortar retailers are retailers that work from purely traditional stores. Meanwhile, when a purely web-based retailer (e-tailers) began merging with traditional stores, the result was a traditional store that also sells on the web, known as clicks-and-mortar businesses. DQ 40.Yes, there is a difference. Ethical obligations are not necessarily legal obligations. For example, in reference to the AICPA Trust Services Principles, there is no legal requirement to disclose privacy policies on a companys website, but ethical obligations would suggest that customers should be so informed regarding customer privacy. Practices in the Trust Services Principles are more than good business practices; online privacy policies represent ethical obligations to customers. Management has an ethical obligation to create and enforce policies and practices which ensure that private customer data are not misused. BE 48. B2C is the common term for business-to-consumer e-commerce. They usually involve a retail or service company whose customers are end-user consumers. The consumer interacts with the business via the business website. Buying a textbook off of Amazon is an example....
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AC 341 chapter 14 hw - Stephen Hruby Ch 14 DQ 23,40 BE 48,...

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