AC 341 chapter 11 hw

AC 341 chapter 11 hw - Stephen Hruby Ch 11 DQ 32,40 BE 50...

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Stephen Hruby Ch 11 DQ 32,40; BE 50; PR 55; Case 60, 61 DQ 32.Three activities in the conversion process that should require specific authorization before they begin are: Initiation of production order, issuance of materials into the production process, and transfer of finished goods to the warehouse or shipping areas. DQ 40.A conversion process can be manipulated to show higher earnings through falsification of inventory quantities, hiding of inventory costs, or manipulation of the gross profit figure. Managers can also offer price discounts to customers to increase the gross profit, luring customers into making a purchase earlier than normal. Managers can also authorize the production of excessive inventories; the more inventory units on hand, the greater the proportion of fixed costs that will be allocated to the balance sheet (at normal inventory levels, greater proportion of fixed costs would have gone to COGS). BE 50. CAD (Computer-aided design) – b – electronic workstation including advanced graphics and 3-D modeling of production processes CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) – g – production automation, including use of computers and robotics MRP (Materials resource planning) – f – automated scheduling of production orders and materials movement MRP-II (Manufacturing resource planning) – c – automated scheduling of manufacturing resources, including scheduling, capacity, and forecasting functions
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AC 341 chapter 11 hw - Stephen Hruby Ch 11 DQ 32,40 BE 50...

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