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w barbosa Mod 1 Critical Thinking hcm300

w barbosa Mod 1 Critical Thinking hcm300 - Mod 1 Critical...

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Mod 1 Critical Thinking Wesley Barbosa CSU Global The three to priorities, according to the modules in this course, are cost, quality, and access. The three articles are related to these priorities, each in their own ways. In this paper I will discuss how they relate and discuss how they are related to this week’s reading. The first article I found was “healthcare reform revisited” by Gail R. Wilensky. In this article Wilensky talks about the healthcare reform campaign from 2008 on the two US presidential leading candidates. The healthcare plans are proposed from Senator Barak Obama and Senator John McCain. Although the two Senators had many similarities in their healthcare plans there were many differences as well. Obama’s proposed plan focuses on access by expanding insurance coverage through subsidies given to individuals and small business. McCain focused
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on the cost side of healthcare and wanted to make lower-cost insurance available by changing tax codes and creating a national insurance market.
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