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Reflective Essay Wesley Barbosa CSU Global For my reflective journal entry I have selected Robert Salmon, The Ship “Favorite” Maneuvering Off Greenock. This painting falls into the Marine Painting theme listed on the NGA website. It seems pretty obvious why this piece of art would fall into the theme of Marine Painting as the painting has three ships and a few boats sailing in the ocean at a port near rolling hills. The ship traffic seems very realistic as the ships are on course either heeded back to the docks or headed out to sea. The view that Salmon offers seems to be from the back of another ship which was also common in early Marine Paintings. I also like how busy the port seems to be which can be seen as an indicator of the prosperity of America’s flourishing maritime industry.
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Unformatted text preview: I was unable to positively identify the media used in this paining. I believe that it was oil based paint on a canvas but am unsure. I did enjoy all of the painting examples that I looked at which share this theme. It really makes me think about the freedom of being on the open sea and brings a since of how America was founded as well as how America used to import and export all of its goods. I think that artists keep going back to this theme because it is so beautiful and timeless. Most of the arists use realism to capture the riggings of the sailing ships and capturing the beauty of the sky and water as well as the land in the background....
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w_barbosa_art100_Reflective Essay - I was unable to...

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